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T-Shirt Noodle Dragon

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A very interesting and original new artistic creation by Lapolemik ! A t-shirt depicting a noodle dragon escaping from his Ramen bowl as he tackles Hokusai's famous wave.
The choice to use organic cotton for the T-shirt adds an ecological dimension to this creation. By opting for sustainable and environmentally friendly materials, Lapolemik demonstrates a sensitivity towards current concerns of sustainability and the preservation of the planet.
This piece of art can spark thoughts about Asian culture, traditional aesthetics, and contemporary creativity. It can also draw attention to the blending of cultural influences and the exploration of new artistic ideas.

Organic Tee-Shirt

100% Organic Cotton
Single Jersey - 180 gsm

Designed and printed in France
Digital Printing
Original creation of the brand Lapolemik

A respectful production for environemental, human and work condition, affiliated to the Fair Wear Foundation, and benefiting of differents certificats (click for more information)

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"Noodle Dragon" the new artistic creation of the Lapolemik label. This design skillfully blends elements of traditional Asian culture with a contemporary and playful twist.
Such a creation can give rise to various reflections and interpretations. It invites you to explore Asian culture, highlighting emblematic elements such as the dragon and Ramens, which are strong symbols of this culture. By blending these traditional elements with Hokusai's famous wave, the work also underlines the dialogue between cultural influences and the ability of art to transcend borders.
The use of Hokusai's traditional wave aesthetic, which is an icon of Japanese art, in a contemporary and playful context speaks to Lapolemik's creativity and desire to explore new artistic ideas. It can stimulate reflection on how art evolves and appropriates elements from the past to create new and original works.
In short, this artistic creation by Lapolemik offers fertile ground for contemplation and reflection on Asian culture, traditional aesthetics, contemporary creativity and ecological issues. It can also draw attention to the blending of cultural influences and spark the exploration of new artistic ideas.

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T-Shirt Noodle Dragon

T-Shirt Noodle Dragon