Early 80's, Paris 19th, Henry Bergson high school, first meeting between two mischievous and creative young children, Pascal and Guillaume, two very different personalities with complementary talents. It was the birth of a long friendship and the beginning of an original artistic collaboration. Paris under the bombs, Paris 19, Paris 18, Porte de la Chapelle, Stalingrad, Gare du Nord, tag, graffiti, we leave our mark on the city, Lapolemik, LPMK, the birth of our label, our collective of artists...

The 90's were a time of great freedom, years of insouciance, our crazy times; we draw, paint, tagg, graffiti, mix, learn, and above all we celebrate, we party a lot, at Le Palace, Les Bains Douches, Le Queen, Les Folies Pigalle, it was also the beginning of electronic music, the first raves, Mozinor at Porte de Montreuil, Radio FG rendez-vous Porte Maillot in 1 hour, a convoy to the unknown, our lost illusions, at that time Paris was in ebullition and we lost ourselves in its bars.

And then the trips, discovering the world, its flavours, its cultures, opening our minds, perfecting our taste, acquiring a certain graphic and aesthetic sensibility. We travel a lot in Asia, Goa, Tokyo, Bangkok, Koh Phangan, it's the age of Trance, parties on the beach, Half Moon, Black Moon, Shiva Moon, Jungle Party, Waterfall... We fly a lot but we come back down.

2000's, the party is over... Back to reality, what are we going to do with our lives ? We need to invent, to create, to produce, so we're getting together around an original and creative project, LAPOLEMIK. Each year we're going to create visuals that we'll publish on different supports. For the visuals, we're going to make a mix of everything that has inspired us, from Pop Art to Street Art. For the supports, we only want to print our work on very high quality products, So we're looking for and finally finding a partner who makes clothes ethically and responsibly (organic cotton T-shirts, sweatshirts and hoodies).
The project can begin, the concept is ready, we're going to print our vision of Pop Culture on high quality clothing. Departure from Paris, Too many temptations, not enough seriousness. We moved to Saint Malo by chance and opened our first boutique, very tiny.

The beginnings are a bit hesitant, the creations too trashy, the enthusiasm of youth, but the spirit we want to instil is on the way, a desire to popularise our art, a collective spirit, and a graphic vision, at once Punk, Rock, Geek, Absurd and Street. We're trying to promote our brand, we're doing some festivals in Europe and markets in Brittany, and we're opening our little shop in Saint Malo in the summer. Success came very quickly, and some of the designs became collectors that we still publish.

For more than 20 years, we've been working on many projects, drawing hundreds of visuals, opening and closing stores, constantly improving our website, distributing our brand all over France and Europe, and collaborating with prestigious brands to develop the graphics for some of their collections. And above all, we've met tens of thousands of people who have followed us faithfully for all these years, who appreciate our work and who have thus largely participated in the achievement of an original and creative project.

Our latest project is the creation of a cardboard sleeve for our poster collection. We wanted to rediscover the pleasure of searching through the Vinyl boxes in the record shops of our teenage years to find the illustration that suits you. We have more than a hundred posters printed in our workshop in Saint Malo on fine art paper. A low price artwork, accessible to all.
We have also developed a range of Fine Art prints, an exceptional large-format prints signed and numbered, produced in only 10 copies, which we sell in our shop in Saint Malo, in digital art galleries (Artsper, YourArt) or at exhibitions in which we take part.
After all that, we're still having fun, we're still drawing, and above all, the story has just begun...