- September 1983, first training of Volleyball at the High school Henry Bergson, Paris 19th, it's the beginning of a friendship between two young children playful and creative.
After several trophies gleaned at regional and national level and an agitated but brilliant studies, we part ways, one begins Visual Art studies, the other one Economy.

- Autumn 1998, first trip of 6 months in Asia, discovering the world, open-mindedness and return with a lot of T-shirts that augur a new professional adventure. Will follow for several years many other trips all around the world, and the acquisition of a graphic and aesthetic sensibility. 

- Summer 2003 installation at Saint Malo and opening of our first store.

- Autumn 2005, the shop works well, but we get tired of selling products that we only buy. We need to move, invent, create and produce. We decide now to create our own designs. The first creations were more or less successful but the spirit that we want to give is in full evolution. Some visuals of this time are still printed today and became collectors like "Dark Side", "La Cène Rock" or "Think Green".

- In 2008, the team expands, friends bring their competence to grow our project, artists propose us one or several visual. We started turning on festivals in Europe to promote our brand.

- 2010, opening of the first generation website, designed by Bobo, our chief webmaster. The website succeeded to developp loyalty of thousands of customers who year after year follow the evolution of our work.

- 2013, creation of our new Label LPMK, in this new collection we find only original pencil drawings. We revisit the Pop and Rock Culture through portraits of artists or cult characters who marked our childhood. We try also to propose you more personal and graphic Artworks.

- June 2016, opening of our new website, a more modern and trendy website. There are new cuts of T-Shirts and many of our creations are screen printed on different supports.
Creation of an online wholesale website for professionals who want to join our project and distribute our brand everywhere.
Beginning of collaboration with certain prestigious brands for the graphic development of some of their collections.

- 2018, start of a partnership with some shops that wish to distribute our creations. (find the list of our partner shops)

During all these years we have created hundreds of designs, some are still part of our collections, others are classified in our artistic pantheon, and will be reedited sometime depending on our moods and desires. We had the opportunity to gather many different talents from different backgrounds. they expanded our artistic vision and brought their competences for continually improve the functioning of our small company. And above all, we met thousands of people who follow us faithfully for years, who appreciate our work and have participated in the accomplishment of an original and creative project.

And, after all that, we continue to have fun, to draw, and especially the story is just beginning...