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Tee shirt Robots

' Robots '

Several weeks of work to create this original drawing in colored pencil, we are very proud of the result and "Robots" is already one of our designs Collector. Hey guys you tried to imitate us, copy us, but the time of the final judgment arrived.

Tee shirt Robots


Tee shirt Ananas

' Ananas '

Pineapple is the new trendy design, we see it everywhere flourish on our decorative items or on our clothes, So we took over the subject and made a magnificent work, a sublime drawing in colored pencil for enchanted our long summer nights.

Tee shirt Ananas


Tee shirt Ashtag

' Ashtag '

A new graphic and fashionable design. With the emergence of social networks like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram, the Ashtag became a symbol of the globalized language.

Tee shirt Ashtag


Tee shirt The Surfer

' The Surfer '

The ultimate reference for a whole generation. Chewbacca, our idol, very cool on holidays last year in Venice Beach, getting ready for a big surf session ... Aaaahhhhhhhhhhhh

Tee shirt The Surfer

The Surfer




Lapolemik is an online store offering T-Shirts with new designs throughout the year. We are creator of our visual and we produce T-Shirt only from our collective of artist. Lapolemik is also a community shop, a space of freedom and exchange of ideas, you can post comments, photos, videos or simply your mood, we will publish them on our blog; the tone is subversive, funny and committed. Your new T-shirt, funny, original, trendy and unique is exclusively on

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